Over a thousand volumes speak volumes

We have built up a stock of over 1,000 books from our family collection, covering several genres. You can quietly browse through a wide selection of books. In the lobby next to the library you can relax with your book or take it with you to your room. And wherever you choose to immerse yourself in a book, we’ll be happy to bring you a cup of tea and some biscuits.

If you want to finish reading a book from our library at home, we’ll order it for you and have it sent to your home.

What’s your personal reading time?

We read books at an average speed of 300 words per minute. If we trust this data taken from a database tool, this means that it takes 4 hours and 59 minutes to read Philip Roth's novel “My Life as a Man”. Do you have time? You’ll find a copy on our shelves.

What if you don’t manage to finish reading?

We’ll be happy to order it for you and have a copy sent to your home.