Culinary delights

Our chef Paul Becker loves his job: 
“As long as the quality of our products is right, I enjoy doing what I do best. As far as I’m concerned, that’s the most important ingredient. And I hope the guests can taste that.”

His focus is on fresh, local and Mediterranean dishes. He is surrounded by a highly skilled team of professionals that take pleasure in serving classic dishes and contemporary creations under silver cloches. 

The fresh North Sea air will whet your appetite for culinary delights.

“To please the palate,...”

“... you also have to please the eye.”

In keeping with popular tradition, our service and presentation is a feast for the eye and the palate. 

Knowledge & experience

Which wines taste good? That’s a matter of taste!

Which dishes taste good? That's entirely up to you.
Which wines complement which dishes? 

We know the answers. And we look forward to your questions.

Cuisine without bounds

What if you’re a non-resident? Don't be shy – just come and try it out. We look forward to meeting you and assure you that you will receive just as warm a welcome as our residents. Come and visit our restaurant and try it out. 

“Special, fresh, good.” Creativity and classic kitchen crafts go hand in hand. And you can taste that; that’s the culinary promise from our kitchen.

Which delicacies can we tempt your taste buds with? Take a peep at our menu.

Are there any better occasions?

The best conversations develop in the private atmosphere of having a meal together.

Preferably with a menu that stands out from the crowd.

Respect for the product

The basic products are always fresh and of high quality.

Lovingly prepared and with a delicate seasoning.