Lamb’s lettuce salad with a vinaigrette of mixed wild berries and home-made gravlax
€ 15.50

Carpaccio of avocados with lemon-and-chive oil and scallops
€ 16.50

Carpaccio of US beef filet with rocket and parmesan cheese
€ 19.00

Asian potato salad with scampi in PANKO breadcrumbs
€ 18.00

                 Creation of scampi, langoustine and crayfish cocktail served with fresh French baguette
€ 19.00



Frothy fennel soup with vegetable brunoise*
€ 7.00

Cream of tomato-and-chilli soup topped with cream*
€ 7.50

            Watercress soup with strips of beef filet
€ 8.50

Tomato and gin soup
€ 8.00

Cream of spinach soup with truffles
€ 8.50

Carrot-and-ginger soup with fresh chilli, sour cream and skewed prawns with lemon
€ 8.50

* suitable for vegetarians



Surf-and-turf on the skew with French fries from pommes de terre violette
€ 18.00

Crayfish bruscetta on rocket pesto
€ 18.00


Fisch dishes

Filet of fiord trout simmered in foil with cherry tomatoes, spring onions and prawn with herb and potato mash
€ 25.50

Filet of loup de mer with grilled vegetables on dried tomato risotto with lime froth
€ 28.00

 Poached filet of cod in vegetable and saffron stock with beluga lentils and potato straw
€ 29.00

            Filet of turbot in black sesame seeds on mashed potatoes with red onions and caviar of trout
€ 33.00

            Crispy sautéed North Sea sole (Müllerin) with boiled potatoes and a small mixed salad
€ 55.00

If desired, and booked in advance, we would be happy to serve you muscles, lobster, caviar, Sylt oysters as well as fish and meat fondue of your choice


Meat dishes

Grilled veal paillard on fried potatoes with red onions and cherry tomatoes
€ 27.00

Braised veal jowls with bacon-wrapped green beans and duchesse potatoes

€ 27.00

Carrée of Salzwiesen lamb with a thyme crust on ratatouille with red-wine-and-onion sauce and parisienne potatoes
€ 29.00

Veal filet on cherry tomato pasta with white wine sauce and chips of filet of truffle pork ham
€ 29.50

Filet of beef on hash browns with a Cognac-and-pepper sauce and parsnips
€ 34.50

Châteaubriand surrounded by seasonal vegetables with sauce béarnaise and a choice of side dishes (for 2 persons)
€ 89.00

Flambée Dishes for 2 or more persons as from 6 p.m.

Stroganoff filet tips with a choice of side dishes and a small mixed salad
per person € 39.50


Vegetarian dishes

Baked vegetable and potato mash with tomato froth
€ 18.50

Truffle pasta with spring onions
€ 21.00

Vegetable and potato tortilla with cherry tomato crème fraîche
€ 19.50



Creation of yellow and red jellies with pineapple and raspberry ice cream
€ 7.50

Lime parfait on mint pesto with mixed wild berries
€ 9,00

Cherry sorbet in juice of pear and ginger ale
€ 9,00

Tears of chocolate with two flavours of mousse, raspberry purée and almond hip
€ 10,00

Chocolate fondue with fruit and vanilla ice cream
€ 10,00

Selection of cheeses
€ 19,00

Selection of ice cream flavours per scoop
€ 2,00

Fruit sorbet homemade
€ 4,00

Cream per portion
€ 1,20

Flambée Desserts for 2 persons as from 6 p.m.

              Crêpe Suzette with vanilla ice cream
€ 32.50