Double enjoyment in your second home

Elegant. Lavish. Sunlit.

No two rooms are the same, they are all unique and as if cast from a single mould. Whatever you choose, each room has its own touch of luxury. When you wake up you might take a look outside to see if the North Sea is in a good mood and forget all your cares and worries.


Turndown service

In the early evening, we’ll prepare your room for the night, give the bathroom a quick once over, tidy up and change the towels, if necessary. We’ll turn down your bed, place a little bedtime sweet on your bedside table and switch on the bedside lamp.

Chic & stylish

Some with a rain shower
Some with a sea view
Penhaligon's Care Products

Classic maritime.

High-quality materials and the love for artistic detail give each room its own classic touch. 
Live at the highest standard in a maritime environment. 

Every day is like a Sunday

Enjoy a generous breakfast in your own sanctuary!
As the proverb goes “Eat like an emperor in the morning, like a king at lunchtime and like a pauper in the evening.”

Would you like some more coffee?

Room Sizes & Prices

Inland facing: approx. 25-27 sqm: € 280 - € 400
Sea view: approx. 25-27 sqm: € 325 - € 485
Sea view: approx. 33-40 sqm: € 355 - € 530