The art of holistic touch

Our masseur, fitness trainer and nutritionist is of American-Indian-Asian descent. With his additional expert knowledge in yoga, meditation, traditional Chinese medicine and therapeutic body works, he’ll bring lost energies back to where your body needs them. Place yourself in his hands and benefit from his knowledge and extensive practical experience.


Michael will recommend which treatment is best for you. 
If the weather conditions allow, you can have your treatment on the terrace. Regenerate in the open air and enjoy your treatment more intensely.

Choice of Massages

Michael will advise you. Depending on your needs, you can choose from an extensive range of medical-therapeutic and wellness treatments, e.g.: Classic Swedish. Hot Stone. Jao M Herbal stamp. Shoulder, neck & legs. Holistic Maui. Medical manual lymphatic drainage. Foot reflex zone. Acupuncture.