Sanus Per Aquam – health through water

Pamper yourself and recharge your batteries in our pool area. Dive in and swim a few lengths. To recharge your empty batteries, we recommend a visit to our saunas. 

Nature inspires. You'll be amazed: the good air encourages movement and the thirst for action. In the tidal wave of your activities you now enjoy the informal comfort of peace and quiet and secluded relaxation. Your body, mind and soul will thank you for it.

SPA is a well-deserved time-out!

The word SPA is of Latin origin (Sanus per aquam) and means health through water. The water oasis of our spa area promotes your well-being.


Just enjoy a well-deserved break from the excitement of everyday life. With rest, relaxation and nothing to do. Or almost nothing. Because as the doctor says “swimming never hurts. On the contrary, swimming is good for you.”