Treatments, Yoga & Fitness

Embark on a sensual journey. With each treatment you’ll regain a little more balance in your mind, body and soul. Discover the benefits of the best massages and wellness treatments from all over the world, which originate directly from the heritage of ancient tradition.


Wellness massages

Jao M Herbal Stamp Massage

Gentle massage techniques with fragrant, warm herbal stamps regenerate the skin. In addition, they relax your body and have a detoxifying effect.
60 minutes € 120


Hot Stone Massage

A full body massage with heated basalt stones loosens deep-lying tensions and energy blockages – using techniques from Europe, Hawaii and Asia to harmonize Ying and Yang.
60 minutes € 120


Hot Chocolate Massage

Energetic and sumptuous massage for deep relaxation, with a warm mixture of chocolate and precious oils.
60 minutes € 120


Anti-Travel Stress

Blood circulation-promoting leg massage and shoulder-neck treatment. Relaxing or activating massage techniques are used as required.
60 minutes € 120
90 minutes € 165


Holistic Maui Massage

Immerse yourself in a world of peace! With a balm made of tropical nuts, fresh lavender and oranges you escape from everyday life and thoughts. Inspired by an old Maui ritual, this also involves the use of gentle massage pulling and stretching movements from Thai tradition.
50 minutes € 120


Soothing, French-Polynesian Massage Ritual

Massage and facials with AHA fruit, white tea, French green healing clay. Natural acids are used to cleanse the skin and ensure a radiantly beautiful complexion. This body treatment comes from the heritage of Polynesian healers and is inspired by Lomi Lomi, where the masseur exerts strong pressure through long flowing movements of his forearms. Enjoy the scent of the sky blossoms and this soothing experience with immediate relaxation.
60 minutes € 130


Summer Breeze Bliss

The massage is based on elements of Swedish massage. It cools and soothes the skin. Long exposure to the sun and heat will dehydrate your skin. A face mask with special ingredients (e.g. aloe, algae, roses, lavender and cucumber extract) will restore lost moisture to your skin and cool your body.
80 minutes € 140


Massagen for hotel guests

Sweet Sylt Special (minimum stay two nights)

Full body peeling with red grapes, Dead Sea salt, coconut oil
Body massage
Facial massage
Eye pack
Relax zone with wellness drink
approx. 80 minutes € 170 per person and € 250 per couple


Anti-Cellulite Programme (minimum stay seven nights)

Full body peeling (25 minutes)
Two draining massages (50 minutes)
Anti-cellulite pack with massage
Thalassotherapy (20 minutes)
Kneipp application
€ 300


Tonic for her (minimum stay five nights)

Individual diagnosis, health programme and treatment recommendations
Anti-age treatment
Pressotherapy using leg bandages
Full body treatment with fango pack and aromatherapy bath
Aroma bath with essential oils
Facial cleansing with detox mask
Relax zone with Power Tonic drink
€ 350


Tonic for him (minimum stay five nights)

Individual diagnosis, health programme and treatment recommendations
Full body massage
Rasul bath
Aroma bath with essential oils
Facial cleansing
Face mask
Shiatsu massage
Relax zone with Power-Tonic-Drink
€ 310


M Wellness Suite Package

The best treatment for body and mind
Finnish sauna to a warm-up
Combination of herbal stamp, hot stone
Shiatsu with bergamot oil, patchouli, lavender, orange balm, 
Facial with rose water, healing clay and honey.
Light peeling with Dead Sea salt, Himalaya salt, olives, coconut oil.
To round off the treatment breathing exercises on the beach and a wellness cocktail.
75 minutes € 130


Privae massage

Massage in your room
Dates by arrangement
50 minutes € 150


Massage at the sea

Massage with sea view.
40 minutes € 80


Alegri Treatments

Quick refresh

An invigorating foot and leg massage. In combination with a refreshing head massage and a wellness drink, Quick Refresh makes you fit again in 55 minutes.
55 minutes € 120


Joy Hand

Nourishing honey-cream hand bath in the sound bowl. Peeling, neck and hand massage with stimulation of the reflex zones and a wellness drink.
55 minutes € 120


Therapeutic treatments

Medical-therapeutic massages: For severe tension and muscle pain, medical techniques (e.g. classical techniques, connective tissue massage, reflex zone treatment, trigger point massage) adapted to suit your individual physical problems. Therapeutic techniques, such as manual therapy, muscle strengthening, mobilization, stretching and relaxation techniques are applied specifically.

Medical manual lymphatic drainage

Using very gentle and special massage techniques, the lymphatic vessel system is stimulated to work faster and stronger. This has a detoxifying effect and helps reduce water retention.
55 minutes € 120


Foot reflex zone massage

The stimulation of the foot reflex zones has a positive effect on the entire body.
55 minutes € 120


Acupuncture Treatments

60 minutes € 120


Classical Massages

Swedish Massage
Classic back and full body massage
Sports massage
Intensive and strong massage especially after or before sports activities
Anti-stress aromatic oil massage
Full body massage with slow gentle movements and a fragrant aromatic oil
Finnish Sauna Massage
Each massage 60 minutes € 120


Yoga, Fitness & Co.


A combination of yoga, tai chi, body vibration, meditation and breathing exercises on the beach.
Power drink
One or more persons
Dates by arrangement
60 minutes € 60 per person


Rebounding, yoga, breathing exercises

60 minutes € 65


Nordic Walking with accompaniment

60 minutes € 60


Accomanied cycling

60 minutes € 60